It's time to unlock your full potential!
You have just taken the first step to becoming a next generation professional, to stop trading time for money & to create the life & business that serves YOU.

Here's a few things you can do to prepare:
1. Book your Flights in advance: We can help you choose the optimal flights for the length of your stay!

Example Flights:
Direct Booking - Emirates from Auckland:
July 27th AKL - DPS 12:50-17:55
August 1st DPS - AKL 16:45-4:20 +1

Direct Booking - Qantas from Sydney:
July 27th SYD - DPS 16:30-21:05
August 1st DPS - SYD 22:35-6:15

2. Fill in the survey before your arrival! We want to know a bit about more about you. 
Be honest & open with us, we want to ensure we can create a personalised experience for you, to craft our proven framework for you & your business.

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